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Capital Campaign

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The rich history of our ministry is testimony to the willingness of the community to help their neighbors in crisis and to continue to do so as we move into the future. What started out as a dream over twenty-five years ago became a reality, and to this day continues to evolve through the support and dedication of many past and current individuals, families, congregations, businesses and organizations.  Our mission is clear:

“Helping those in need move into self-sufficiency.”


CAM serves an area encompassing four zip codes, and within this area are over 16,000 individuals living below the poverty level, with more than 6,000 of them children.  Forty-six of our Cy-Fair schools are Title 1, meaning over 50% of the students attending receive free or reduced price lunches.  And a full 25% of the children in our area don’t know where their next meal will come from when they are not in school.  CAM partners with local churches and organizations, resulting in effective and efficient care for the community while avoiding duplication of services.  We continually encourage input, evaluate the needs, pull together, and in turn, strive to offer programs that best serve those who need our assistance.

We are a part of the culture of the Cy-Fair area.  Following extensive discussion with those involved in CAM’s ministries and services, we identified the need to have all services under one roof.  Programs could be added or expanded, clients could easily manage visits between all programs without having to walk across a multi-lane busy street, the savings in rent would be tremendous, and in addition, we would no longer be susceptible to the demands of a property owner or management company.

“Why now?” many of you may be asking.  We identified three major reasons for initiating a building project at this time.  They include:

  • To create a foundation for current and future programs of assistance.
    • It is clear we offer services many are in need of. How will we expand our programs?  How can we better serve existing clients? What will be the legacy of CAM in the future?
  • To continue to provide financial and food assistance, job services, adult education such as ESL and GED classes, and importantly, to implement new programs as needed.
    • Ongoing space needs beyond the programs currently being offered continue to impact our growth potential. Helping our neighbors in need to become self-sufficient can impact generations to come.  If we fail to help in the most effective manner, we fail to help assure the future of our neighbors.
  • To offer more gently-used goods at greatly reduced prices, enabling individuals to meet their financial obligations and which in turn, funds the administrative expenses of CAM and would allow for expanded programs.
    • The new building will provide space for a larger and better organized resale store, resulting in increased sales, providing more available funds to expand programs.

This plan is designed as a win-win opportunity for our ministry and the surrounding community.

Looking forward…  The dynamics of the area are changing and the future will provide numerous opportunities for our involvement.  As a faith-based organization, it is our obligation to embrace our responsibility to help those who need it to the best of our ability.   We must have vision, ongoing evaluation of our programs, and the space to add new programs for our continued success.  We are not just implementing a building campaign; we are creating a legacy for our community that will continue to impact individuals and families in life-changing ways as we move with vitality and hope into the future – with the freedom to grow!

There will be many opportunities to pledge your financial support during the campaign, and your involvement is critical. 

Our goal is to raise $3.5 million through donations from individuals, congregations and businesses, in addition to soliciting grant monies from foundations.  Funds raised will go toward construction, outfitting and maintenance of a 40,000 square foot building that will include a food pantry, a resale store, assistance offices, job assistance offices, areas to receive donation of goods, areas for storage of food, and administrative offices.  In addition, this would allow construction of a parking lot large enough to allow for vehicles of clients, those making donations, shoppers at the resale store, visitors, volunteers, and staff.  This is a broad estimate that will continue to be narrowed as the process moves forward.

Throughout it all, we will keep our promise that was made in this community twenty-five years ago.  Individuals and families in financial crisis, those on the brink of homelessness, the elderly, the unemployed and anyone that needs hope for a better future is welcome at CAM. 

With your help, lives are being changed.

For more information please contact Janet at or call 281-955-7684.